Judd Apatow Is Urging Fox Talent To Speak Out In Protest Over Fox News’ Family Separation Coverage

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06.18.18 23 Comments

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The outrage over the Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance immigration policy” that is tearing immigrant children from their families can’t be denied at this point. While the nation’s immigration policies have always marked with shameful moments, the latest chapter is covered in a shroud that is forcing people to pay attention. While the media is pressing the administration on the policy and members of Congress are attempting to introduce legislation to change the policy, the entertainment world has shifted their focus elsewhere.

Following Seth MacFarlane’s comments on Saturday, Fox News has become a target for many due to their coverage of the detention centers housing children and the policy itself. People calling the coverage “dubious” is the least you could say about some of the reactions, with this Steve Doocy claim likely representing the best example:

Toss in Tucker Carlson’s comments about not trusting “big media,” and it is understandable that some are upset. “New Fox” might be coming in to appeal to the Fox News audience, but creators are trying to have Fox employees and showrunners stand up and speak out about the news channel’s coverage. Judd Apatow has been the loudest to this point, responding and retweeting fans on Twitter:

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