Justin Bieber Is Officially A ‘Crack’ Addict

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01.20.13 4 Comments

Well, Cajun Boy called it: Justin Bieber, all about the crack.

Justin Bieber posted a photo of his naked rear end on Instagram on Saturday night — and before he could delete it, it got 86,000 likes. The photo shows Bieber posing in front of a step-and-repeat pulling his pants down to expose a whole bunch of stuff we didn’t need to see.

Though he removed the pic, Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun later commented on Twitter: “as a prankster u have to respect another good prank. only makes sense. #crackdealer.” As for Bieber himself, he simply tweeted “haha” after the deletion. (Via)

I’m not proud of what I did, either, but it gives me a reason to play one of my favorite games: What’s the Weirdest Thing a Belieber Wrote On Twitter This Week? Your finalists:

We have a winner.

(Via Zap 2 It)

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