Justin Tucker Hits 61-Yarder For The Win

12.16.13 5 years ago 58 Comments

Nice to have a kicker who can be counted on to hit from any distance in any situation. That’s apparently what the Ravens have in Justin Tucker, who has now hit 33 field goals in a row. The last of his six tonight was perhaps the most impressive kick of the season. A 61-yarder with a game and likely the playoffs on the line. Yes, Matt Prater broke the longest field goal record this year, but that was in Denver and nothing was riding on the kick other than the record itself.

Plus, Tucker gave a shout out to his fantasy owners in the postgame interview.

Lots of narrative closure tonight with Calvin Johnson dropping a two-point conversion attempt – in addition to several other passes – that would have made Tucker’s kick only a game-tying field goal instead of a game-winning kick. And there was Matt Elam making the clinching interception in the final minute when the Lions, with three timeouts, might have set up a winning field goal of their own.

As for the Lions… at least they got another Joseph Fauria dance?

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