Kanye And Aziz Are Best Friend Cats In Watercolor

Editorial Director

And they can be yours for a valet tip ($70 plus shipping and handling) if you act now on Etsy!

I don’t really know their friend situation, but when I think of Aziz I think of Kanye…. sometimes R Kelly and dj rumba. So here they are as cats. It was a challenge thinking of what they should be, and I might have coped out with the cats but the moment is still conveyed. Aziz is flipping out!!!! Or exercising!!!! Kanye is actually kind of happy about the situation, probably because he still looks stylish even though he’s a cat.

Now that’s what I call incoherent inspiration, Etsty artist SleepyBowie. I like your style. And your stylish cats. I’m pretty sure this belongs in a “Louis Vuitton frame” on Aziz’s nightstand.

Etsy via Window Sills

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