Former Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis Took A Swing At ‘Bum’ Kari Lake For Reportedly Living At Mar-A-Lago

Former Donald Trump attorney Jenna Ellis wasted no time mocking failed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake for reportedly living at Mar-a-Lago. The election-denying Lake has been a constant fixture at Trump’s Florida golf club in what PEOPLE sources are calling a blatant attempt to be his running mate in the 2024 election.

“She’s couch-surfing at her friend’s house like a bum college dropout,” Ellis tweeted on Wednesday night.

The dig was quickly caught by the Twitter account for Lake’s campaign, which fired back at Ellis with an insult of its own.

“We see you’ve entered the “school girl gossip” part of your meltdown,” the verified Kari Lake War Room account tweeted, prompting Ellis to drop a scathing response on the failed campaign.

“From what wing of the AZ governor’s mansion did you tweet this?” Ellis tweeted.

The attack on Lake isn’t entirely out of character for Ellis. The former Trump attorney has been on the outs with MAGA world after she admitted to 10 counts of “misrepresenting evidence” about the 2020 election while representing Trump. Ellis made the confession while being censured by the Colorado Supreme Court’s Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel.

Adding insult to injury, Ellis has emerged as a staunch supporter of Ron DeSantis‘ presidential run. The Florida governor is Trump’s greatest threat for the Republican nomination. Ellis backing Meatball Ron is tantamount to treason to MAGA Republicans who routinely call her a “traitor” on Twitter.

(Via Jenna Ells on Twitter)