Kate Upton Apologized To Her 18-Year-Old Brother For Being The ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’

It’s not easy being related to one of the most attractive and desired women on the face (and butt) of the Earth. I assume — Maxim ain’t exactly pounding on my Uncle Lester’s door for a cover story. Take Kate Upton’s brother. He’s only 18 years old, which, yeah, enough said. Last night at something called the People Magazine Awards, Kate had a few words for the poor bastard.

The smoking hot model picked up the statuette for People‘s Sexiest Woman Alive at the first-ever People Magazine Awards on Thursday night, but she had to acknowledge the awkwardness in store for her younger sibling [during her acceptance speech].

“I’m so, so sorry to my 18-year-old brother,” she joked. “Poor David!” (Via)

In high school, you wanted to be friends with the kid with the hot sibling, and not BE the kid with the hot sibling. Kate Upton’s brother is the most popular kid in his grade.

Via People