Fake Topless Photos Of Kate Upton Lead To A Very Real Lawsuit

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03.09.14 7 Comments
Kate Upton fake nude

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Kate Upton is not fooling around when it comes to her image. TMZ is reporting that parody site Celeb Jihad took an image from Upton’s most recent Sports Illustrated shoot and Photoshopped it with the headline, “”Kate Upton Naked Outtake From SI Swimsuit 2014.”

What they didn’t know they had awoken a sleeping giant in the form of Upton’s legal team. From TMZ:

It’s clearly a fake … but Kate’s legal team doesn’t care — they fired off a letter to the site threatening to sue if the post isn’t taken down, STAT.

In the letter, Upton’s lawyer complains, “One of these photographs has even been airbrushed.”

Everyone knows why you would do such a thing to a Kate Upton photograph, the very same reason articles like this one exist. What I never really understood is who is the kind of person who gets off on a fake nude? Especially on the Internet, a place saturated with all variety of nudes to peruse until you die from dehydration.

This time it seems to have backfired, but it remains to be seen if such a case would be find success in a courtroom. I guess we will see.

(Via TMZ)

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