Kate Upton Broke The Hearts Of Millions With This (Fake) Marriage Proposal

Make Up For Ever at Beach Bunny Swimwear - Backstage - MBFW Swim 2012
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Trivia Crack interrupter Kate Upton has been dating Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander since 2011, an eternity in celebrity-with-an-athlete time. (Also, she’s only 22 — it’s impossible to get 22-year-olds to do anything longer than 15 minutes unless it’s mutter angrily at Forever 21.) Eventually, he’s going to put a ring on it — “it” being “his finger when he’s traded to a better baseball team” — but not yet. Neither is she, based on a tweet Upton wrote last night that broke the boners of thousands: “Next time fact check. I didn’t even get no as an option #justkidding.”

That photo has since been deleted because:

I’m sorry, Kate, I couldn’t finish your tweet because MY PHONE IS A PERMANENT GAME OF WAR: FIRE AGE ADVERTISMENT. It’s everywhere — Twitter, Facebook, apps, TVs. I see Kate Upton 24/7. This must be what it’s like to be Justin Verlander, minus all the good stuff.