Keegan-Michael Key’s Post-Election Forecast Provides A Bleak Vision Of The Trump Future

The promise of a naked Mark Ruffalo wasn’t the only thing Joss Whedon’s “Save the Day” Super PAC had in store for this election season. The Avengers: Age of Utron director, whose fast from social media came to an end with his latest political efforts, promised additional videos directed by himself and others back in September. And true to that promise, Save the Day’s latest PSA includes meteorologist Keegan-Michael Key predicting a rather apocalyptic series of weather phenomena following the election of Donald Trump.

Titled “Weatherman,” the new YouTube video presents Key as a television news channel correspondent tasked with giving viewers enough information to survive the coming “inaugural storm.” Things like a “high blood pressure front right in the heart of the country,” “giggling and smug looks” originating from the Canadian border, rises in temperature and “existential misery,” and a nice cooling off thanks to “nuclear winter.” So yeah, everything seems like it’s going to be just fine.

In a press release from Save the Day, the Whedon-led Super PAC claims to have registered at least 40,000 new voters for the 2016 presidential election. Additional digging by Variety reveals the director’s own donation to the organization — a whopping $275,000 — and a production budget of $142,664 utilized for videos like Key’s “Weatherman” and the original “Naked Ruffalo” PSA.

No word yet on whether or not the Hulk will actually shed his laughably purple shorts anytime soon.

(Via Variety)

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