Remember That Guy That Fed Deer For Fun? Now He’s Feeding The Needy With His #EverybodyEats Foundation

Remember Kelvin Pena, the teenager who went viral for feeding deer and dropping vicious crossovers on them on the basketball court? Well, while most people would have taken that 15 minutes of fame to capitalize and make some money for themselves, Kelvin did the exact opposite, he used his newfound notoriety to help others. That all came to a head this Thanksgiving when Kelvin and his Everybody Eats Foundation came together to provide 120 turkeys to churches and food pantries and over 30 thanksgiving meals to needy families.

“Gaining all of these eyes on me made me realize I can make an even bigger impact on this world,” Kelvin says on the Everybody Eats Foundation website. “And that nothing makes me happier than helping people.”

Kelvin delivered the goods and the media group Cycle captured his charitable efforts for a short video that he posted on Twitter Thursday morning.

“I know how cold life can be, when I was in high school my mom could barely afford to pay bills sometimes” he says in the video before he’s shown making deliveries to some of the families.

At just 18 years old, it’s amazing to see Kelvin use his platform for a worthy and heartwarming cause.