Kevin Sorbo Bragged About Throwing A Tantrum (Over Masks) In Starbucks, And People Were Not Having It

The mid-1990s breakout star of Hercules is still mostly known for, well, Hercules, but he has been branching out. Kevin Sorbo’s now also known for his conspiracy-theory loving, right-wing ways on Twitter, so it’s no surprise that he’s an anti-masker, too. He did, after all, pin this freedom-hugging sentence to the top of his Twitter profile: “Raise your hand if you’re more concerned about losing your Constitutional rights than you are about Covid.”

Well, Sorbo resides in California, where he’s advocated for Photoshop-induced secession, and that’s about the same level of willful blindness that he apparently took while striding into a Starbucks this week. The state’s heading back into mask-mandate mode, and Starbucks (as a private company, which obviously requires clothing of its customers and also requires masks) is already on the assignment. In response, Sorbo claimed/confessed/bragged that he threw a massive public tantrum. He declared that this was the first time this has ever happened, and it’s a heck of a hill to die on.

“i’m not proud of this but i just made a scene in public for the first time in my life,” Sorbo tweeted. “I walked into Starbucks and they asked me to put a mask on. I yelled this is BS. I turned around and walked out. I know what you’re thinking… My first mistake was walking into a Starbucks!”

In response to Sorbo freaking out over “freedom,” people had absolutely no sympathy for him not pitching in to help protect others with a small strip of fabric.

Also, a good point here: if he’s not proud of what he did, why did Sorbo run to social media to spread the word?