KFC Is Selling A Deep-Fried Burrito At Its New Zealand Stores

KFC, are you OK? Have you been through a bad break-up? I’m just really worried about you, between the edible coffee cups, Double Down Dog and  Zinger Double Down. You’re going to be alright. We’re here for you. You and your endless quest to fry all the things.

The latest in this line of innovations is a deep-fried burrito. Normally this would be called a chimichanga, but not at KFC. That’s part of the innovation. This Crispy Burrito is made with fried chicken, cheese, bacon and BBQ bourbon sauce, then wrapped in a tortilla and fried. It makes the perfect appetizer to your Double Down, and you can wrap the whole meal up with a mashed potato bowl for dessert. Because, even in New Zealand, GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Source: Foodbeast