Kids Imagine What It’s Like To Turn 40 And, Man, Is This Depressing

Getting old is no fun, and what’s worse is having some snot-nosed kids rubbing their precious youth in your old face. Need more proof? Filmmaker Dan Thomas from the UK recently shared these thoughts from children who imagine what it’s like to hit the milestone of turning 40 in a tweet that has since gone viral.

“Your legs begin to ache and you feel you’ll collapse when you are about 42,” writes one charming youngster named Patrick, while other named Rita predicts, “I am forty. I have wrinkles and grey hair and I would have a walking stick to help me walk.” Yet these are both sunny outlooks compared to eight-year-old Jennifer who says: “I am forty. I am turning old. I just left work because I cannot manage going up and down hills. I know I will soon die.”

If it’s any consolation, these delightful predictions were snapped from a book called Happy Birthday: You Poor Old Wreck: Messages of Love, Sympathy and Pure Fun for All the People over 21 by Young Children, which was actually published back in 1997, making these kids on the cusp of 30, now. How’s 30 feeling, Jennifer? Still managing those hills?

Enjoy your quarter life crisis, kiddos. May all of your mothers be asking when you’re getting married and all of your friends having babies.

(Via Daily Mail)

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