The ‘Killing Baby Hitler’ Debate Rages On To Be One Of The Most Absurd Talking Points Of The 2016 Presidential Race

Just in case anyone was worried that the GOP primaries with its cornucopia of lunatic candidates weren’t ridiculous enough already, allow me to introduce you to the newest and most important talking point of the 2016 presidential race: Whether a potential future president of the United States of America would go back in time and kill Baby Hilter! Following Jeb Bush’s shockingly enthusiastic admission that “hell yeah,” he would in fact go back in time and murder an innocent baby who would grow up to be the most nefarious dictator of our time; Ben Carson has now found himself fully entrenched in the opposite side of the debate.

After Tuesday’s GOP debate on the Fox Business Network, SBNation’s PFTCommenter (formerly of KSK) cornered Ben Carson in a crowd of reporters and asked, as the most anti-Hitler, but also most pro-abortion candidate, would he be in favor of aborting Hitler? Put on the spot, Carson replies that he’s “not in favor of aborting anybody.” Not even Hitler! Obviously, this is a joke question with a dumb answer that should not be taken seriously, but now actual news hosts are legitimately debating the merits of whether a U.S. presidential candidate would kill baby Hitler, as you can see in the above clip with CNN’s Erin Burnett.

Thankfully, common sense prevailed on some level when the topic was turned over to writer and political commentator S. E. Cupp, who aptly responds that both candidates are “losers” for answering a really stupid question. But that still doesn’t change the fact that CNN is talking about it in the first place.

Here’s PFTCommenter’s original video, for some absurd perspective. “Pro-Hitler!”