Kim Davis Is Back At Work And Still Refusing To Authorize Marriage Licenses

Kim Davis returned to work Monday at the Rowan County clerk’s office after her release from jail last week, and she had a prepared statement for the awaiting media. In her statement, Davis claimed that she did not see herself as a hero, and never wished to be in the spotlight. Although she said that she would not be issuing any marriage licenses, she would not stand in the way of her deputies doing so, telling the media: “I’m here before you this morning with a seemingly impossible choice that I do not wish upon any of my fellow Americans, my conscience or my freedom.”

Davis and her lawyer claim that any marriage licenses signed without her authorization are invalid, whereas Kentucky’s governor, the attorney general, and the county attorney all say otherwise. So, for now, it seems like everyone wins with this outcome. Davis can sleep at night with the reassurance that same-sex marriage licenses filed in her office aren’t valid, even though literally everyone else knows that they are. All’s well that ends well.

Except for the people who work in Davis’ office, anyway. While Davis locked herself in her office with her curtains closed all morning, her employees had to attempt to do their jobs through a media circus. You know who never wanted to be in the spotlight, Kim Davis? Most likely, those people.

(Via AP)