Quit Judging Kim Kardashian People! She’s A Hard Working Mom And Stuff!

Kim and Kanye have been facing a lot of flak recently on all fronts. Yeezy of course faced his critics on his artistic merits and now Kardashian is standing her ground against critics of their parenting.

Kim shared this delightful nugget of news on Twitter yesterday

But then some folks threw down the gauntlet and Kim was ready to stand her ground.

You go Kim! You’re out there supporting your family just like every other hard working American we praise everyday. Why won’t these people just understand that!? It is difficult work following your husband on his tour and even tougher doing it under the watchful eye of the paparazzi.

Just look at all of this hard work:

Look at the blood, sweat and tears involved. And a well deserved break at the end.

I don’t know why anyone would ever think anything else. Kim Kardashian does nothing but exude the same moxie that built the railroads, tamed the plains and made this great nation what it is today.

(Lead image via gettyimages, KimKardashian )

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