Kanye West May Have Taken Over Kim Kardashian’s Twitter For This Bette Midler Response

Bette Midler started her week by tossing some Grade A shade at Kim Kardashian for her latest nude Twitter post. Apparently Kim K was too busy doing Kardashian things to notice the quip, but late Monday night, Kim — or possibly her husband Kanye West — took to Twitter to respond, and it was a doozy.

First Kim/Kanye did a little bit of stunting, flaunting her earnings with a little callback to Kanye’s $53 million debt.

Then she took aim at Piers Morgan for his own early-morning zinger aimed at Mrs. Kanye.

Then some old lady jokes for Bette:

And finally Kim accused Bette of trying to be a fake friend.

But Kim wasn’t done there either, as she proceeded to take aim at Kick Ass and Neighbors 2 star Chloe Moretz for daring to suggest that Kim teach young girls “we have so much more to offer than just our bodies.”

To end the mini Kardashian-West rant Kim simply sipped her tea.

And then as a final mic drop, “Kim” tweeted yet another nude photo, which is also suspect since Kardashian tends to tweet selfies, candids, and paparazzi shots.

Maybe Kanye meant to send all that from his account and forgot he was logged into Kim’s, or maybe they’ve reached that stage in their marriage where they start to sound alike. I don’t know, but I don’t think Momma Kris is going to like this one bit. Or, she’ll love it since it’s bound to get people talking.

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