The Notorious Kit-Kat Biter Salvaged His Relationship With A Little Help From The Candy

Twitter/Hayley Byrd

Kit-Kat seems an unlikely hero but the company has often stepped in to help its fans. A college student’s stolen Kit-Kat led to the candy bar brand giving him thousands of them, for example. And it’s done it again, turning one man’s gaffe with his significant other into a marriage proposal.

Throwback to the beginning of June and the Twitter feed of Weekly Standard reporter Hayley Byrd. Byrd’s boyfriend, Evan, who claimed to have never had a Kit-Kat before, ate it like a normal candy bar:

Which, being something that happened on social media, was met with a reasonable and proportionate response:

Kit-Kat, fortunately, is not one to derail the course of true love, and it turned out Evan was planning to propose. So Kit-Kat decided to help him riff on his viral fame:

Yes, that’s a ring in a Kit-Kat. The company created a ring box for Evan by 3D-printing a custom mold. They even built it using a magnetic closure, so when you broke off a piece, the ring was revealed.

Kit Kat

Kit Kat

The couple also got a Kit Kat cake to celebrate their engagement, thus marking the rare time social media blowing something wildly out of proportion has ended well. Your move, Swedish Fish!

(via Twitter)