This Man Had His Precious Kit Kat Stolen And Got 6,500 Back In Return

In an important reminder that sometimes the world can be good, a man who had his Kit Kat bar stolen by a hungry chocolate thief is now celebrating with more chocolate than he could eat in…a month. At least. And it’s all thanks to the internet, some good will, and Hershey’s — who stepped up to right an injustice that few of us would have been able to survive.

Meet Hunter Jobbins, just a regular college dude at Kansas State University who made two critical mistakes: First, he left his car doors unlocked while he wandered away for a few minutes; Second, he had the misfortune of leaving a Kit Kat in prominent view, in his cup holder.

Here’s what Jobbins returned to when he came back to the car:

You’ve got to hand it to the criminal, here: Not only did he thoroughly apologize — and here’s hoping that he also feels so guilty that he becomes Jobbins’ benefactor in a Great Expectations-style twist — but he didn’t take anything else. Still no excuse, but at least as far as criminals go (probably very high criminals, to be fair), this person was pretty benign (even though they probably won’t make it to “the good place“). And at least the scalawag gave Jobbins something to laugh about. “I thought about it for a little bit, and I thought, ‘I think a few friends might think this is funny too, so I’m just going to put it on Twitter and see if anybody thinks this is as funny as I do,’” he told USA Today.

And then Kit Kat got involved. As Jobbins’ tweet grew in popularity, Kit Kat quickly took notice, and whoever runs their social media (we’d like to think a giant sentient bar of chocolate-covered wafers) sent Jobbins a dismayed message both lamenting the state of a world in which people steal candy and inviting him to send the company a DM so that he could get a box of chocolate on the house for his troubles.

And then Hershey’s was all “nah, one box isn’t enough. People are getting their candy stolen out here and we’ve got to do something.” So they teamed up with Jobbins for a giveaway. Instead of giving him one box of candy, they filled his car with 6,500 bars and said “go forth and spread the gospel.” And Jobbins did. Instead of taking all the candy for himself (and how could he, he can barely see with all of that in his car), he took pity on all the poor souls without Kit-Kats and did a giveaway on campus.

Look at this mob! Do you think the person who stole the Kit Kats is also there? You know what they say, the guilty party always returns to the scene of the crime…

It’s a sweet ending (sorry, not sorry) to a somewhat sad tale. And hey, Jobbins really came out ahead. Not only did he get enough Kit Kats to last him the rest of the school year, but he also made friends with a ton of people on campus, meaning that he’ll never have to worry about a party invite or sitting alone at lunch ever again. And there are far worse things than being known as “The Kit Kat Guy” on campus.

Wonder how that woman who’s suing Kit Kat for a lifetime supply feels about this…

(Via USA Today)

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