This Man Had His Precious Kit Kat Stolen And Got 6,500 Back In Return

Life & Culture Editor
11.07.16 5 Comments


In an important reminder that sometimes the world can be good, a man who had his Kit Kat bar stolen by a hungry chocolate thief is now celebrating with more chocolate than he could eat in…a month. At least. And it’s all thanks to the internet, some good will, and Hershey’s — who stepped up to right an injustice that few of us would have been able to survive.

Meet Hunter Jobbins, just a regular college dude at Kansas State University who made two critical mistakes: First, he left his car doors unlocked while he wandered away for a few minutes; Second, he had the misfortune of leaving a Kit Kat in prominent view, in his cup holder.

Here’s what Jobbins returned to when he came back to the car:

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