Billionaire Dork Kyle Bass Got Roasted After Blaming Biden For His Overpriced Room Service Breakfast

Billionaire investor Kyle Bass really thought he had something on Wednesday morning when he slammed both Joe Biden and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen because his room service breakfast cost too much. You cannot make this up.

Right out of the gate, if you’re not aware, room service menu prices are almost always astronomical regardless of who is in the White House. They’re particularly eye-watering if you’re staying in a 5-star hotel like Bass, and yet, that didn’t stop a man who runs his own investment firm from acting like his predicament is Biden’s fault.

“Terrible Inflation milestone reached – My first $85 breakfast for one at a NYC hotel,” Bass tweeted. “After signing this bill, I have decided NEVER AGAIN. #Biden #Inflation @SecYellen @federalreserve”

As you can see by the bill, Bass got hit for $9.00 just to have the meal delivered (standard practice) before shelling out for $14.00 orange juice, $26.00 waffles, $12.00 bacon, and an $8.00 Diet Coke. For the record, Kyle looked at the menu prices and still went ahead with his order, which he did of his own accord. Joe Biden didn’t burst into the room, put a gun to Bass’ head, and yell, “Order the damn waffles!”

As Bass’ rant went viral, the dunks started flying as people accurately noted that room service prices have always been highway robbery and Bass could’ve just as easily walked down the street and got a cheaper meal elsewhere. They also noted that, again, nobody made Kyle Bass drop $85 on room service except Kyle Bass.

You can see some of the reactions below:

(Via Kyle Bass on Twitter)