The Return Of Kyrie Irving’s “Uncle Drew” Is As Great As You Hoped It Would Be

If your life isn’t about getting buckets, then what are you really doing with yourself?

Not even 24 hours after LeBron released his newest commercial that has all the makings of a runaway success, Kyrie Irving stays true to his word with the third chapter of his already legendary “Uncle Drew” campaign.

Drew continues his mission to gather his five, this time stopping to pick up “Lights” (Nate Robinson) and later “Betty Lou” (Maya Moore, who dunks!). That’s a combined seven titles if NCAA championships, WNBA championships, slam dunk crowns, an Olympic gold medal and one awesome YouTube vlog series are included. But to be honest, the story of how Nate Rob secured a role is arguably funnier than what he pulls off in the six-minute clip (which is awesome in its own right). In an interview with Dime last week, Nate actually brought the idea to Kyrie while the Cavs point guard was at the free throw line.

“I saw Kyrie at a game at the free throw line and I was like ‘Man what’s up with that Uncle Drew?'” said Robinson. “‘I’m tryna be down with the commercial.’ He was shooting a free throw and I kept bugging him.”

From there, the two continued to build, one thing led to another and the result is what’s seen here. Unfortunately, Kevin Love aka “Wes” does not make an appearance. Whether he failed the make the cut this time around because of his limited natural ability remains to be seen, and an awesome question for K-Love the next time someone interviews him.

Nevertheless, Drew vows to scoop his old running mate in the next installment leaving four of the five unveiled. The only question now is who rounds out the starting five? Russell Westbrook aka “Geronimo,” perhaps?*

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* – That’s what Eddie Maisonet says his middle name is. And that’s what I’m going with.