Kyrsten Sinema Got Mocked For Posting A Picture Of Her Brunching While Wearing A Ring That Reads ‘F*ck Off’

Kyrsten Sinema has become one of the least popular Democrats in Congress, not only for so often siding with those on the other side of the aisle but for doing so in sometimes flamboyant fashion. In March, she became persona non grata on social media after footage making a goofy — and, many charged, cartoonishly insensitive — show out of voting down a bill to raise the minimum wage for the first time in 12 years. Now it’s a picture that’s driving people mad.

The Arizona Senator posted it in her Instagram stories, but it found its way to Twitter thanks to a screengrab. It finds Sinema at what looks like a gawdy Sunday brunch, at a table, emphatically sipping from what appears to be a Sangria. Her pink hat matches her pink glasses, but there was another fashion accessory that jumped out at people: a ring that bears the words “F*ck off.”

People had a lot of fun mocking her get-up, but most dwelled on the latter. It was a reminder that Sinema rarely toes the party line, seeing herself as an individual, not someone who could help her fellow Democrats achieve some real goals that could help people, like a substantially raised minimum wage. It was also reminiscent of Melania Trump’s infamous jacket bearing the words “I really don’t care do u?”, which was seen as a big middle finger to her husband’s countless critics (and all the people whose lives he ruined or made difficult).

So when people zoomed in on Sinema’s “f*ck you” ring, it seemed like it was directed towards constituents stuck with a low minimum wage.

Others took her to task for other reasons.

And many made jokes, including some decent Gen X ’90s jabs.