Kyrsten Sinema Didn’t Even Show Up For The Jan. 6 Commission Vote That Failed To Pass, Even Though She Called It ‘Critical’

Democratic senator Kyrsten Sinema has become one of the most controversial figures in Congress, and that’s saying something. She has long touted herself as someone who can reach across the aisle, but in an age when almost all Republicans colleagues are intransigent Trumpists, that’s become a quality does more harm than good. She refuses to kill the filibuster, and she got heat for the flamboyant and bizarre way she voted down a bill to increase the minimum wage.

Sinema also, along with West Virginia senator Joe Manchin, made a big show of trying to “implore” their GOP colleagues to vote to launch the Jan 6. commission, which would examine what led to the failed MAGA coup that kicked off 2021 and which she herself had called “ciritical.” That didn’t work, to the surprise of no one aside from perhaps Sinema and Manchin. But even Sinema herself may not have been convinced: As per azcentral, she was a no-show for the vote on Friday.

No reason was given, so perhaps she did have a good excuse — although if she did, she also maybe would have provided that when asked by the press. Her spokesperson, when pressed, merely said “she will be entering into the Congressional record that she would’ve voted ‘yes.’” So consider it a kind of phantom vote for a bill that died 54-35, failing to get enough Republican support.

When news broke that Sinema wasn’t even there to vote, people were pissed.

Some invoked her viral “f*ck off” ring.

Some called her the Democratic Susan Collins, the GOP’s excuse for an “across the aisle” Republican who also rarely does the right thing.

(Via azcentral)