Lara Logan Has Not Been On Fox News Since She Compared Dr. Fauci To Nazis And She Has No Idea If She’s Ever Going Back

Many people on the right really dislike Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top immunologist, who’s struggled to save the lives of a divided nation during a once-in-a-century public health crisis. But while few can top his number one nemesis, that meddling Senator Rand Paul, there is one conservative who went farther than most: Lara Logan, the Fox News host who went on an unhinged rant in November in which she compared Dr. Fauci to an infamous Nazi doctor.

Or should we call her “ex-Fox News host”? As noted by The Daily Beast, since Logan made her comments two months back, she hasn’t returned to the network. Her Fox Nation show, Lara Logan Has No Agenda, has not aired any new episodes. Nor has Fox promoted episodes of the show.

Not even Logan knows what’s up. When asked in a recent podcast whether she will one day make her triumphant return, Logan replied, “I don’t really know.”

Logan — who in 2013 aired a debunked story on Benghazi on 60 Minutes and later rebranded herself as a Fox News conservative — made her inciting comments not on her Fox Nation show but on Fox News Primetime. She compared Dr. Fauci to Josef Mengele, otherwise known as the “Angel of Death,” known for making grotesque experiments on Jewish prisoners in concentration camps. The comments drew widespread condemnation, including from Jewish groups and Holocaust remembrance organizations.

Clearly Fox News wants no part with someone who makes outlandish claims that could lead to someone getting killed. Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson remains on the air.

(Via The Daily Beast)