The Universe Might Have A Sense Of Humor As It Looks Like Lauren Boebert’s Now-Defunct Guns And Grub Joint Will Be Replaced By A Mexican Restaurant

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert’s 2022 closed out with apparent conflict, given some GOP infighting that included Marjorie Taylor Greene. That dust-up may not be over yet, but the Rifle Republican made plenty of other headlines throughout the year. She narrowly avoided a runoff against Democratic rival Adam Frisch, and several months ago, her beloved restaurant (Shooter’s Grill in Rifle, Colorado) shut down after losing its lease.

The restaurant was a both a source of Boebert pride (the Second Amendment fan encouraged her servers to open-carry on the job) but also controversy, given infamous reports about an alleged food poisoning outbreak involving pork sliders. Yet now there’s an odd turn of events, alright. Business Insider has reported that the location is being replaced by a Mexican joint:

[I]t appears that its location is going to be filled by a Mexican restaurant, Tapatios Family Mexican Restaurant, which now has emblazoned its “coming soon” sign on the premises’ front window.

Insider verified the location of the new restaurant by finding that “TAPATIOS2 LLC” was established in October at the same location as the former Shooters Grill.

Snopes followed up on this report with a “True” rating after an anonymous Twitter user (claiming to be from Colorado) posted a photo of the building with new signage. Boebert seemingly hasn’t responded to this news, but in the following days, she did tweet multiple times about “illegals” and “alien convicts,” who she claims are part of “an invasion supported by the government” that’s orchestrated by Biden.

Boebert also previously called for the impeachment of U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas over “rapists, drug dealers, and criminals” who “have crossed the southern border.”

All of this makes the Shooter’s Grill replacement a real universe-turner, one that Boebert’s grievance-airing ex-employees probably found pretty interesting, too. And hopefully, the new place won’t be won’t be selling any pork sliders.

(Via Business Insider)