Marjorie Taylor Greene Accused Ex-Buddy Matt Gaetz Of ‘Lying’ His Butt Off During The Ongoing GOP House Speaker Kerfuffle

While the House struggles to find a new Speaker, another surreal drama is unfolding. For the last few weeks, Marjorie Taylor Greene has been breaking ranks with her fellow chaotic MAGA Republican lawmakers. She started by attacking former co-heckler Lauren Boebert. Then she came for Matt Gaetz in a 25-tweet rant. Now she’s going one step further, accusing him of “lying.”

Speaking to schlubby young Republican Charlie Kirk, Greene continued to unload on her old pals, who’ve been driven apart by an unlikely figure: repeated failed Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy. Greene has been pro-McCarthy. Boebert and Gaetz and 18 other House Republicans are not. In fact, the latter have effectively crippled the House by refusing to support McCarthy.

Gaetz has nominated another potential Speaker: Jim Jordan, the Beavis to his Butt-Head. Jordan will almost certainly never get anywhere near the needed votes to nab the gig. What’s more, as Greene pointed out, Jordan told Gaetz “to his face” that he didn’t want it. That Gaetz still wants Jordan for the job, she weirdly argues, is the same as telling a fib.

“It is lying!” Greene told Kirk. “OK, when you have Matt Gaetz and the rest of the group going out there saying Jim Jordan is going to be Speaker, but, yet, Jim Jordan doesn’t want to be Speaker. That’s lying to the American people, Charlie! And I’m not going to support any lying to the American people.”

Greene then issued some even harsher words for her fellow Trumpists. “We can’t live in conservative fantasy land,” she railed, adding, “although I share those same conservative fantasies with the group of 20.”

After a program break, Greene then turned her ire towards Freedom Caucus Chair Scott Perry for “leading this fight against Kevin McCarthy.” It sounds like she’s done with her former buds, and that even the MAGA wing of the GOP is in disarray.

“I’m sick of these people that have done things that are hypocritical, truly hypocritical and the base would hate them for it, and they would be screaming at them for it,” she ranted. “But the base doesn’t know because the only person they’re hearing being chewed apart is Kevin McCarthy.”

It’s just another day in the ongoing soap opera that is the crumbling Republican Party.

(Via Raw Story)