Even Fox News Is Blasting The MAGA Congresspeople Blocking Kevin McCarthy’s House Speaker Gig: ‘They Make The Squad Look Positively Reasonable’

Everyone expected the first day of the narrowly GOP-controlled House of Representatives to be a s*itshow. But it was even worse than people imagined. As feared, a cadre of rogue MAGA lawmakers, among them Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert (but not her former bestie Marjorie Taylor Greene), refused to promote Kevin McCarthy from House minority leader to speaker of the House. Even after three votes, they showed no sign of abating. That threw not only House Republicans into chaos but Republican media as well.

As per Mediaite, on Fox News’ top rated late afternoon group chat show The Five, multiple pundits tore into the quisling Republicans, whose antics are threatening to turn control over to the Democrats. (Indeed, Democrat Hakeem Jeffries got more votes than McCarthy — and exponentially more than Jordan.) They even pissed off the show’s most easily pissed off co-host.

“You know, it’s time to get together as a party and stop embarrassing yourselves in front of the rest of us,” crowed Judge Jeanine Pirro.

But it was Dana Perino who hit the gang with the best/worst line. Lamenting that it could be days before the House picks a new speaker, she compared them to some of the most dreaded foes of the GOP.

It’s like the opposite of the Squad. They make the Squad look positively reasonable in this situation,” Perino said. “And a lot of this is just an ideological thing. Might be a personal thing. Like, I don’t like you. Okay.”

Perino also feared that House Republicans’ inability to unite is not a good omen:

“I think that conservatives overall in the country remain deeply dissatisfied with Joe Biden. And every day that the Republicans are going to spend in this exercise with their heels digging in with the name calling started to ratchet up. They’re talking about now internally within the party, enemies, you know, that kind of thing is hard to forget. And one of the first things that this group is going to have to do is come together and decide whether to raise the debt ceiling. So you thought this ballot is a is a tough one. Wait till you get to that one.”

McCarthy has spent the last two years appeasing the more extremist parts of his party. He even flip-flopped on the Jan. 6 riot, initially condemning it only to kiss up to the MAGA wing. And now look at him.

(Via Mediaite)