NBA Fast Break: LeBron Helps Himself To A Dunk, Russell Westbrook Brings The Funk

Last night, the Miami Heat hosted the Milwaukee Bucks in a likely preview of their first round Eastern Conference playoff matchup. Sans Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, LeBron and the gang took care of business in textbook fashion 94-83. And James threw himself his own lob pass. Off the backboard. For a dunk.

To be fair, it wasn’t exactly one of those pre-game routine dunks of his, but one worth nothing nonetheless. The King finished with his normal 11-16 shooting with 28 points, seven rebounds and seven assists in 30 minutes of action while Udonis Haslem and Birdman Andersen combined for 19 points and 24 rebounds. Brandon Jennings kept the Bucks’ faces slightly above water leading the way with 30 points.

And not to be forgotten, there’s Russell Westbrook’s highlight from last night. Things Russell doesn’t care about: gravity, your favorite team, a traditional fashion sense. Two of these were on display Tuesday night against the Utah Jazz, as Russ threw down a LeBron-esque tomahawk through traffic. The Thunder would go on to win 90-80, adding style points to a resume that already reads as one of the league’s best.

Oh, and for those without a calendar near them at the moment – the playoffs tipoff in 10 days. Besides health, nothing else matters until that point.