LEGO Master May Have Made His Masterpiece With This Ghostbuster Headquarters Recreation

Renowned LEGO master Orion Pax has apparently taken a break from making Nike shoes and Back to the Future stuff with LEGOs and turned his obsession to another 80s classic, Ghostbusters.

Reports Hi Consumption:

LEGO builder Alex Jones, better known as Orion Pax in the world of the building blocks, has just put together this LEGO Ghostbuster Headquarters…Orion Pax delve deep into the world of Ghostbusters, heavily studying the movies in order to construct this LEGO Ghostbusters headquarters set based on the films. The attention to detail is amazing, and we are sure this project took countless hours to complete.

I hope this attention to detail gets him laid, but I, for one, am skeptical…

See more photos of the project over at Hi Consumption.

(Via Amy K. Nelson. All pics via Hi Consumption)