A Bravo Star Who Used To Serve Leonardo DiCaprio Wasn’t Bowled Over By Him: ‘He Dresses Like He Smells’

Leonardo DiCaprio has garnered a ton of praise for his on-screen performances over the years while simultaneously being a little sketchy when it comes to his personal life. Sure, he’s never confirmed his various flings, but when you are 49 years old and making out (allegedly) with your 25-year-old GF (allegedly), it becomes hard to ignore. Allegedly!

It seems like not everyone is enamored with the actor. Bravo star Jordan Emanuel recently spoke about running into Leo while she worked in nightlife. She told Page Six, “I used to serve him. He dresses like he smells, and I’m like, this is crazy!” she recalled. What does one wear that makes them look smelly besides an old pair of Birkenstocks?

When asked to recall his attire, Emanuel explained, “Ok so, socks like mine but not cute, like white tennis socks, you know what I mean, very old dirty sneakers, cargo shorts cream, white baggy T-shirt and a baseball hat,” she confirmed. So it seems like he is wearing the official Marvel Superhero In Disguise look we all know. Not bad, but not expected from a millionaire.

Emanuel then clarified that he “smelled fine,” but that he “just looked dirty,” which is just as bad, since most people will never ever have the opportunity to smell Leonardo Dicaprio in their life. It might be easier on the people if we all just spread a rumor that he really does smell, you know, to soften the blow.

(Via Page Six)