Did Leo DiCaprio Once Get Kicked Out Of A Disney Waterpark For Peeing All Over A Slide?

Long before Leonardo DiCaprio was winning Oscars for fighting bears (and being rumored to have been sexually assaulted by one), he was an A-List celebrity who just loved to party. In 1998, Nancy Jo Sales chronicled the exploits of Leo and his “P*ssy Posse” for New York Magazine, and while the star has definitely chilled out since then (he won’t even go near the Kardashians), his past just keeps on catching up with him. Today, it’s a pretty believable story about how — during the height of his “posse” days — DiCaprio was escorted out of a Disney waterpark after peeing down a slide.

Before we get into the wet and wild details, here’s something you should know: While what you’re about to read is specific enough that it sounds like it totally happened, it’s also a story being told years later by someone who claims to have been a lifeguard at one of Disney World’s poshest resorts between the years of 1998 and 2001. That’s why the word “allegedly” should definitely be applied to this tale of urine and MTV VJs (remember those?). For what it’s worth, though, we’re totally hoping it’s true.

So here’s what’s up: Earlier today, someone purporting to be a former Disney lifeguard posted a collection of stories about their experiences working there to Imgur. While all the stories are pretty entertaining — apparently Nick Carter got into a whole lot of trouble for sneaking away to pool it up when he should have been with the other Backstreet Boys — the real confessions came out after the post hit the front page. Promising users stories of terrible celebrities if the post hit over 100 points, royrogersdoublerbarburger delivered, calling out Joe Perry and Ian Ziering as some of the worst celebrity guests to have splashed in the park’s pool. But while no one was worse than Ziering, apparently, Leo may have just been the messiest guest around.

The Story:

A-List “Jerk” Celebrity: Leonardo DiCaprio. He pissed down the waterslide. This requires a little backstory.

I’m dating myself here, but does anyone remember the “Wanna Be A VJ” MTV contest from back in the day? The first one, where Dave Holmes LOST to Jesse Camp? (but ended up getting a gig anyway).

Well, don’t ask me how, but Leo and Jesse became buds, and they ended up coming to the pool on a bender. Reeked of alcohol, huge entourage, jumped in with their clothes on, went down the slide with their spiked belts (scratching it up) and then Leo whipped it out and pissed into the top of the slide, then went down the slide. They refused to listen to anyone and Security finally came and escorted them off, cursing.

Pics or it didn’t happen:

But here’s the other thing! The slide Leo reportedly peed upon while wearing his spiky belt — that’s the detail that truly makes this seem real — wasn’t one of the small ones. In fact, the poster helpfully put up an image to let everyone know exactly which slide one of America’s most beloved actors let loose on.

The slide in question appears to be the  Stormalong Bay slide at Disney Beach Club and Resort:

Most importantly, the dates seem to check out. Jesse Camp won the VJ competition in 1998. If you’ll remember, that’s the same year as the New York Magazine piece about Leo’s wild ways mentioned above. Do you believe it? It’s a fun story and it seems like way too much effort to make something like this up.

Update: We reached out to the poster, who told us the story “is real,” although he claims to have not seen Leo do the actual deed. Instead, he alleges that after he saw Jesse Camp, everyone’s walkie-talkies lit up with Leo sightings. The poster says ” I (personally) was babysitting members of the entourage making sandcastles in the

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