This Lesbian Couple Left The Perfect Tip To A Hibachi Chef Who Insulted Them

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Here’s one hibachi chef who certainly knows how to ruin someone’s Valentine’s Day. After telling a lesbian couple he was serving that “it’s such a waste not to have a man,” said couple left a note noting their lack of appreciation on the tip line, and then posted a picture of the receipt to Facebook.

According to Mic, Ellie Parker and her girlfriend went to a hibachi restaurant called Asahi on Sunday. In a move that already makes him sound super obnoxious, the chef who was working that night apparently asked everyone if their companion was their boyfriend or husband. Parker and her girlfriend were holding hands and told the chef that they were each other’s valentines.

He apparently replied, “Well it is legal, but it’s such a waste to not have a man.” He then offered to go home with them to “heat things up” afterward.

So instead of tipping this gross chef, Parker wrote on the tip line, “Don’t tell lesbians they need a man on Valentine’s Day.”

It seems like Parker and her girlfriend have gotten the last laugh indeed. The Facebook post has gone viral. Maybe Asahi will refund the couple that $50+ that they spent on what sounds like a bad experience.

Read the receipt and post for yourself:

(via Mic)

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