Let’s Remember Pabst Blue Ribbon As An All-American Company With This 1979 Patrick Swayze Commercial

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09.29.14 3 Comments

Last week the unfortunate news broke that a Russian brewing company called Oasis Beverages is purchasing the hipster-approved beer Pabst Blue Ribbon, in addition to Old Milwaukee, Schlitz and Colt 45. (But relax everybody, because as far as I know Genny Cream Ale is still safe from Sarah Palin’s neighbors.) Stephen Colbert was obviously among those definitely not A-OK with the news, as we’re losing one of America’s oldest and most mediocre brands of beer in the acquisition.

But thanks to this commercial from 1979 that surfaced on Reddit this weekend we can all reflect fondly back to when PBR was an all-American beer drank by all-American people like a young, feathered-haired wisp of a hunk Patrick Swayze, who takes his lady friend out on the town for some slick dance moves and — you guessed it — ice cold, refreshing PBR.

Maybe we wouldn’t be losing one of America’s most American-iest beers if Pabst’s marketing team still came up with jingles as good as “I’ve got a taste for living’ / I’m thinkin’ cold Blue Ribbon / I’ve got Pabst Blue Ribbon on my mind.” Also: BOUNCY HAIR. Swayze could toss it like a pro. I’ve watched this gif no less than 30 times and I’m sold:

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