Let's Revisit Anna Kendrick's Delightful Instagram Account, Shall We?

It seems like it should be longer, but it was only back in December when we collectively fell for now-established internet crush Anna Kendrick after a thorough perusal of respectful glance over her wonderfully geeky Instagram. Since then she’s tweeted about theater masturbation, founded her own Game of Thrones house, and fake joined a K-Pop band. Needless to say, she’s only more firmly entrenched her status.

And when she dropped by to be her funny and adorable self on Comedy Bang! Bang! over the weekend it dawned on me that there must be all sorts of new stalkable personal photography interesting material on her Instagram since last we checked in. I was not disappointed. The caption for the above being Exhibit A: “I’m bringin’ sexy back #PUNS #NailedIt #FistPump”

Yep, she’s still busy being the best. Here are several of the finest updated examples to prove it.

“Yeah, I could f–k up a few hours here…” via

“This finally happened. So worth it.” via

“Good morning/night Berlin!!! Just got home from work and had to order from breakfast menu but also wanted a nightcap. Obviously the waiter thinks I am an alcoholic. #RoomService #LateOrEarly??” via

“Sound crew made this label for my Invisalign case. So now it’s badass.” via

“Trying to get inspired after a long day of dancing. We must ask: What would Beyonce do? #WWBD via

“Aaaaaaand… Queen B! #Beyoncebeyoncebeyonce” via

“She acts all mean and detached but she’s a fucking rainbow-colored softie at heart. #AubreyPlaza #LifeAfterBeth #CameosAreFun” via

“Thanks for having me #DizzyFeet …. I guess. 1,2,3 make a weird face!” via

“And then a real camera came by and we all did this. (Hollywood is so fake) #DizzyFeet” via