No One’s Life Got Ruined By The Ashley Madison Hack As Much As This Guy’s Did

The Ashley Madison hack from earlier this year that exposed millions of married men as cheaters (or, cheat-curious) obviously wreaked havoc on countless marriages. Bad news for you, unfaithful dudes… Good news for marriage counselors and divorce attorneys!

But perhaps no one’s life was rocked as hard as one New Jersey man, who is now facing actual jail time in the wake of his indiscretion. Randolph district school superintendent David Browne took a medical leave of absence from his job on September 9, just weeks after the hack exposed user information. The following month, on October 13, Browne was placed on paid administrative leave after he confessed to both his wife and the school board of his online activities, which he had apparently been engaging in on a “work-issued device.”

That same day, Browne suffered from what was likely a stress-related meltdown, and dealt with his downward spiral by setting fire to his own garage. Things did not go well after that.

Rescuers responded to 380 Wyckoff Ave. at about 2:45 p.m. to find the detached garage engulfed in flames. Browne was lying outside, “suffering from numerous injuries,” according to Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli. Browne had used an accelerant to start the blaze, authorities said.

On Nov. 4, Browne was charged with arson. And on Nov. 23 — his 14th wedding anniversary — his wife, Monica, the superintendent in Upper Saddle River, filed for divorce.

It should come as no surprise that shortly after, Browne resigned from his $167,500 superintendent job, which school officials claimed “was in the best interest of both parties.” But for some reason, I think it was less in the best interest of the guy who lost his job, wife, and might be headed to jail. All I’m saying is the last time a white guy had a downfall this hard, a dude named Billy Ray Valentine showed up to take his place.

(Via New York Post)