Lily Allen Turned To Google To Ask How Long She Should Wait Before Having Sex With David Harbour

You know Lily Allen is a real one because she saw David Harbour using a photo of himself on Stranger Things on celebrity dating app Raya, and she still wanted to be with him. She also wanted to have sex with him, but not before checking into Google to see how long she should wait.

On Thursday’s episode of her podcast Miss Me?, Allen shared details about the early days of her relationship with the dad bod king. She had been married before, but Harbour was the first time she really went on an official date with someone. “I remember Googling when I was with him, when I first started dating David, like, how many dates are you meant to go on before you sleep with someone,” Allen shared. “And there was a different answer depending on whether they’re English or American. I think English was five and American was seven. That was the Google protocol that I read.”

Google is no help with “how long do Hellboys wait?”

BuzzFeed has more:

Recalling how she used to initiate romantic relationships, Lily said: “My thing had always just been, like, when I drank, it was like you go to a pub — not even with the intention, sometimes you just go out with some friends! You get really, really drunk, you meet someone, you’d end up sleeping with them, and then either they called you back or they didn’t. That was how my dating experience went.”

Allen and Harbour exchanged vows in 2020 in Las Vegas after waiting five to seven dates before Doing It for the first time. And speaking of waiting for good things, the wait for Stranger Things season five continues.

You can listen to the podcast below.

(Via BuzzFeed)