Lindsay Lohan, The New Spokesperson For, Is Offering Legal Help To President Trump

While President Trump is reportedly not a criminal target of Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, this doesn’t mean the special prosecution will no longer be causing him any legal trouble. If anything, Trump still needs all the help he can get — especially since one of his lead attorneys has resigned (for ignoring his legal advice), and many of the other lawyers the president wanted to hire are no longer available. Enter spokesperson Lindsay Lohan, whose recent appointment to the website’s public position apparently inspired her to tweet at Trump on Wednesday. Judging by the reactions, however, the jury’s still out.

“Hey, @realDonaldTrump heard you need a lawyer,” Lohan wrote in the obviously committee-written tweet. “[A]t we are always here for everyone.”

In one of several advertisements Lohan did for the website, she jokes, “Finding a lawyer is a real pain. Trust me.” Personal jobs aside, however, much of the ad’s language seems oddly (and hilariously) relevant to Trump’s supposed inability to obtain and maintain a persona legal counsel for his Russia probe defense team. “Don’t worry,” Lohan continues in the ad. “ will get the right lawyer working for you.” Needless to say, Twitter had plenty of thoughts about Lohan’s decision to reach out to the president, and they’re fantastic.

(Via Mediaite)