‘Lord Of The Rings’ Lip Dub, The Sound Of Gotham’s Reckoning, Skyrim-Fearing Dog, And Afternoon Links

“Maggie does not like the dragons in Skyrim.” — Carl Sagan’s turtleneck

Bad Taxidermy Photos Are The Potato Jesus Painting Of The Animal World |UPROXX|

Reminder: The Guy In The Infiniti Snowball Commercials Is A Complete Psychopath |Warming Glow|

Hoo Boy, The Internet Really, Really Hates Miami Marlins Owner Jeffrey Loria |With Leather|

‘Windows 95 Tips’ Documents The Horror Of ’90s Computing As We Remember It |UPROXX|

The New GTA 5 Trailer Makes You Wish it Were 2013 Already |Smoking Section|

Meme Watch: ‘Idiot Nerd Girl’ Is Taking The Meme Back |Gamma Squad|

VIDEO: Roadhouse, if Dalton were the villain |Film Drunk|

LOLNFL 2012: Week 10 |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Swedish Turbo Tractor |Gorilla Mask|

10 Ways Not to Flirt in a Coffee Shop |College Humor|

Unintentionally Sexual Optical Illusions |HuffPost Comedy|

Taran Killam discusses the origins of the strangely infectious Sloppy Swish skit from last week’s Saturday Night Live |Fark|

The Worst Layup Attempt In College Basketball History |Buzzfeed|

11 Weirdly Spelled Words — And How They Got That Way |Mental Floss|

Jay-Z – Dead Presidents & Can I Live (Live At Barclays Center) |High Definite|

The Five Coolest And Most Diverse Roles Of Ryan Gosling’s Career |Unreality|

Meet Maximus Thor, A 6-Year-Old Who Will Kick Your Ass at the Gym |Brobible|

8 Netflix Instant Watch TV Series To Make The Bleak Winter Downright Cozy |Pajiba|

VIDEO BELOW: This voice dub of Lord of the Rings will never get old. NEVER. |via Meme-Meme|

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