Horses Losing Their Patience And Afternoon Links

(Context, as if any were necessary.)

Here Are 25 Funny Pop Culture Valentines To Win Over The Most Discerning Of Paramours |UPROXX|

5 Things You Need To Know Today From The ‘Breaking Bad’ Universe |Warming Glow|

7 New Jersey Bands That Could Play Next Year’s Super Bowl Halftime |UPROXX|

Pacific Rim Photos: The Black Knight is a giant robot who fights Godzilla now |Film Drunk|

St. Louis Had A Dog Parade And It Was Classier And More Intelligent Than Others |With Leather|

4 Terrible NBA Teams With Bright Futures |Smoking Section|

Daring Feats Of Drunken Ravens Revelry |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

The Many Faces Of Lil Kim |Buzzfeed|

How Microwaves Work |High Definite|

Crazy/Brilliant Life Hacks |HuffPost Comedy|

Best Super Bowl Power Outage Memes |Urban Daily|

Time Capsule: Script pages, snapshots, internal memos, and stills from the 1993 movie Pulp Fiction |Fark|

God Made FarmVille, a pitch-perfect parody of Dodge’s “God Made a Farmer” Super Bowl ad. |Gorilla Mask|

Five Horror Films You Won’t Believe Are Rated PG |Unreality|

Flowchart: Are You Good at Following Flowcharts? |College Humor|

5 Remarkable Things Discovered Under Parking Lots |Mental Floss|

The Adventures of Pete & Pete, the 20th Anniversary Reunion |Brobible|

The 10 Cringe-Worthiest Performances By This Year’s Oscar Nominated Actors |Pajiba|

VIDEO BELOW: A horse plays “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on the recorder. |via Arbroath|

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[Inset picture via Reddit.]