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Problem, Juggalos?

Week In Review: Hail The Sperminator! [Uproxx]

Amazing Color Photos Of Depression Era Life In The Mississippi River Flood Zone [Uproxx]

Righteous or Rapey? A Treasury of Rape Vans [Filmdrunk]

‘Adult Baby’ Threatens Suicide If He Loses His Social Security. What a f-cking baby. [WarmingGlow]

The NFL’s Bravest Faces: Episode IV [WithLeather]

“Transylvania” – Review Of Tyler, The Creator’s Goblin [TSS]

The Fast and the Futuristic [TSJ]

Hot Girls In Star Trek Uniforms [UGO]

The 7 Most Boring Blockbusters [Pajiba]

Blondie’s New Zombie-Themed Music Video [Buzzfeed]

Dead Island “Tragedy Hits Paradise” Trailer [G4TV]

Nicki Minaj Doesn’t Mind Us Talking About Her Ass [Vibe]

15 Most Memorable Actresses From Woody Allen Movies [Moviefone]

Mailman Leaves Truck, Truck Comes to Life, Mailman Gets Run Over [Brobible]

Macs do not get viruses, and when they do, Apple is firmly instructing its employees to deny, deny, deny [Fark]

VIDEO BELOW: Band runs through their $5000 video budget the right way. [via BWE]

[Pictures via BioTV and 4chan]

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