If I Fits, It Stinks: This Lion Cub Got His Head Stuck In A Dead Buffalo’s Anus

A lion cub at Kruger National Park in South Africa found himself at the wrong end of a dead buffalo after rushing towards the carrion to get some sweet, sweet sweetmeats. He managed to ram his head directly into the buffalo’s anus, struggling to free himself for several minutes before resigning himself to his new home inside a buffalo’s butt. We didn’t know this was even biologically possible, yet here it is. What a Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom we live in.

And yes, I could have posted serious geek news or a perhaps a GIF follow-up to last night’s Guardians Of The Galaxy trailer, but I had to follow my heart, and my heart said…

So here is a video of a lion cub getting his head stuck in a buffalo’s butt. You are welcome.

The story thankfully has a happy ending for the lion cub, or at least as happy as it can be when you almost perish via buffalo ass asphyxiation. Video uploader laliaztlan writes:

“We went back the next morning, and the ranger told us he and other rangers/trackers had kept an eye on the cub throughout the night. The adult lions (all female) had eaten through the stomach to free the cub! The cub looked fine, he just had a collar of blood around his neck, so you could tell it was him!”

A tourist shop in Korea commemorated the event with a special edition backpack design. Or at least that’s the excuse we’re using to explain why this product exists:

I saved that picture three years ago on the assumption we’d eventually find a reason to use it; I just didn’t know the reason would be so eerily specific.