A Small Child Has Zoo Glass To Thank For Putting The Brakes On A Speeding Lion

We are now living in a post-Harambe age (well, at least for the next couple of months) and that means certain slices of video that might have netted you a lovely cash prize on AFV have a different tone to them. The video we have gently nestled above is a pretty good example of this.

The boy in yellow is hanging out at the zoo. The lion in the video? Also hanging out at the zoo. (Although he probably didn’t have to pay admission.) As the video plays, you can see the king of the jungle rushing towards the child. Thankfully for the child, some sturdy glass is there and the lion takes a Looney Tunes level header into the barrier.

According to NTV News 24, zookeepers at Chiba Zoological Park (where the whole thing went down) say the lion has a habit of “frolicking” when he sees small children. Playing with kids is something this lion apparently is quite fond of and we’re just happy that everything worked out without a tragedy. If that lion thinks he could use a drink after thumping his skull, we know some cats that’d be game to help him out.

(via FTW)