Lionel Richie Offered Some Parenting Advice To Billy Ray Cyrus

As the saga of Miley Cyrus’ strange obsession with twerking and becoming a hip hop star continues into what feels like its 100th year, not a lot of people have been asking perhaps the most important and interesting question: What does Billy Ray Cyrus think of all of this? According to Miley, dad couldn’t be happier and told her that he loved the whole foam finger, simulated doggystyle sex performance with Robin Thicke at the MTV VMAs last month, but that’s like me saying that my parents are proud of me for being a blogger.

Singer Lionel Richie has a feeling that he knows what Billy Ray is going through, because his own daughter, Nicole Richie, was once a wild reality TV starlet and also a drug addict, but she has gone on to become a fashion icon and role model to all of the girls that she and Paris Hilton brainwashed for years. With that, Lionel offered Billy Ray a little advice.

“Dad to Dad, I’ve been Billy Ray,” Lionel Richie tells omg! Insider.

“When you have a teenage daughter growing up in Hollywood, in the business, I mean, what I went through with Nicole, God bless Billy Ray,” Richie adds. “Honestly, there is no control.”

“(Miley) is just going through a period in her life and we’re actually going to grit our teeth and hold our breath. I did the same thing. It’s one of those things where you have to say, ‘Please God let it be over soon.’ That’s where she is in her space and this is her expression and that’s what it’s all about.” (Via USA Today)

You know what I’d watch? A daytime TV show on which Lionel Richie offers guidance and advice to the fathers of crazy, young girls. Especially celebrity dads. That would be incredible. In fact, here’s the first promo image:

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