All Your Hot Pink Unicorn Rainbow Dreams Live On In Lisa Frank’s Facebook Memes

Some of us who grew up in the ’80s and ’90s remember the candy-colored fantasy art of one Lisa Frank. It emblazoned our Trapper Keepers, folders, notebooks, and any other school supplies that could be every color of the rainbow. Was it tacky and saccharine, as if it could give your eyeballs diabetes, cavities, and diabetic cavities? Of course it was. It was everything a young girl could want, especially one who loved bright colors and cute animals. Well, Lisa Frank has never really gone away, but now she’s getting in on internet culture by using her art for memes. And it is just as Lisa Frank as you could ever hope:

Not long ago, it looked like Lisa Frank was bound to be a relic of the past after a string of legal battles and the general passage of time rendered the company “a fraction of what it once was” that makes very few products anymore. But the internet is basically free, so Frank’s famous images have found new life in super-uplifting meme culture! Maybe they’re not for you, but if you haven’t already started seeing them in your Facebook feed, you will probably not have a day without seeing one now. You’re welcome.

Despite its years of troubles, Lisa Frank is still very much an active company, it’s just not what it used to be. But let its strange and touching history be your guide as your social media slowly turns into a vibrant spectrum of neon.

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