The Little Lebowski Obviously Appreciates A Good Caucasian

03.06.13 5 years ago 2 Comments

I’ve been on a bit of Big Lebowski kick of late. Again. And by that I mean I find myself obsessing over the movie regularly. It’s always been one of those films that I can’t resist watching if it’s on, and recently I DVRed it and have watched at least parts of it for a week straight.

Specifically, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for Knox Harrington, “the video artist” with alleged to have a “cleft asshole.” I read somewhere that the scene he’s in was originally supposed to involve just The Dude and Maude, but the Coen brothers thought the scene was too stiff, so they threw in a weirdo character to lighten things up. And he’s absolutely perfect. Knox Harrington is totally going to be the fake name I use for restaurant reservations from now on.

Anyway, how ’bout Little Lebowski up there?! He’s definitely cut in the mold of The Dude and is no “urban achiever,” that’s for sure. Seems like a pretty cool little dude. Almost as cool as this dog…

The Little Dude abides, man!

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