Watch Surreal Video Footage Of An Apocalyptic Wildfire Consuming The Los Angeles Hills

Thousands have been forced to flee their homes as fast-moving Southern California wildfires fueled by Santa Ana winds began barrelling towards Los Angeles late Monday into Tuesday. The Skirball Fire in particular, which is still said to be zero percent contained, is now threatening the famed Los Angeles Getty Center and is getting precariously close to UCLA.

The 405 freeway, one of the most traveled sections of roadway in the country, has been shut down in both directions between the 101 and 10 highways due to the fire. Prior to the closures however, the above video was captured by a commuter who appeared to be driving straight into the depths of hell, or at the very least the apocalypse itself. A. Mutzabaugh, a Los Angeles and Ventura-based investment professional, tweeted the early morning video of the blaze with the caption, “Not the typical morning commute…”


Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has declared a state of emergency, with mandatory evacuation orders declared for approximately 150,000 residents so far, and likewise hundreds of area schools have been closed. Given the fact that firefighters are still struggling to contain the fires, the situation is unfortunately likely only going to get worse before it gets better. We’ll continue to update with breaking developments as they become available.

(Via LA Times)