The Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Louis C.K. Sparked Strong Reactions From Hollywood And The Comedy World

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Although stories had previously surfaced about Louis C.K.’s alleged behavior, Thursday’s bombshell report in the New York Times placed those claims under a much brighter spotlight. Even before the NYT story arrived, a screening of the comedian’s new film I Love You, Daddy was canceled due to “unexpected circumstances.”

The reaction to Louis C.K. being the subject of five separate sexual misconduct claims has understandably been swift online. A sizeable number of C.K.’s Hollywood and comedy peers weighed in with their thoughts on the allegations leveled at the Louie star. Among the responses was The Good Place creator Mike Schur apologizing for having C.K. as a featured guest star on Parks & Recreation.

“I don’t remember when I heard the rumors about him,” wrote Schur on Twitter. “But I’m sure it was before the last time he was on Parks and Rec. And that sucks. And I’m sorry.”

Rhea Butcher, Amber Tamblyn and Michael Ian Black were among the voices taking aim at Louis C.K. on Twitter following the NYT piece. As you can see from the responses, sympathy is in relatively short supply for the stand-up.

HBO has elected to cut Louis C.K. from their upcoming Night of Too Many Stars special in the wake of Thursday’s story. FX, who work with C.K. on a number of projects, stated that they are troubled by the sexual misconduct claims and have placed the matter under review.