Macaulay Culkin Is Not Dead; He’s Making Out With Har Mar Superstar In Dive Bars In Montana

On Tuesday night, Macaulay Culkin got hot and heavy with Har Mar Superstar, aka Sean Tillman, aka Sean Na Na. Culkin, who looks like Axl Rose before Axl Rose started looking like The Ginger Rhino, was performing in Billings, Montana with his band, The Pizza Underground. The Culkin-fronted band is a pizza-themed parody band of Lou Reed’s Velvet Underground.

Just to reiterate: Culkin, the star of the Home Alone movies who used to be engaged to Mila Kunis and hang out with Michael Jackson, is now making out with a guy known for looking like Ron Jeremy in a dive bar in Montana during the same month that rumors circulated that he had died. Culkin, of course, is alive and well, as you can see from this photo taken three weeks ago.

What a strange career.

Source: YouTube