This Guy Bought A Lemon Vehicle And Retaliated With This Amazing Video

Everyone’s had some experience with a lemon purchase, or so one would gather while hanging out on Twitter for any measure of time. From laptops to vacuum cleaners, the frustration is palpable after someone plunks down a large chunk of change for something that doesn’t work. An Australian man named Teg Sethi made a humongous 2013 purchase — a brand new $60,000 Jeep Grand Cherokee — only to discover he’d make a huge mistake.

After trying to work with both the auto dealer and the manufacturer, Sethi got nowhere except (broken down on) the side of the road. So, he did what any member of the digital age would (hope to) do. Sethi enlisted friends and family members to make a “gangsta” retribution video, which is a darn good effort. Sethi had this to say in his YouTube description:

Hi there, my name is Teg, I live in Australia and in October 2013 I bought a new Jeep Grand Cherokee for $60,000.
This was a BIG mistake as it has been a lemon Jeep from the day I got it.
It’s had numerous issues and has been towed a number of times.
I no longer trust it to transport my family safely
I recorded this song and made this music clip out of frustration, as the dealer and Fiat Chrysler Australia have basically told me to bugger off.

Nice manners from the dealer, right? Sethi also tried to work with Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, which has listened to many people complain, but still hasn’t offered to help Sethi out. Will this phenomenal music video work out in Sethi’s favor? Either way, he recorded a gem for posterity.

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