Marco Rubio Is Being Dragged After Botching A Meme About A Republican ‘Wave’

Few Republican operatives know how to step in it as reliably as Marco Rubio. The Florida Senator embarrasses himself on the regular, usually on Twitter, where he can always be counted on to court humiliation. A day after earning the wrath of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rubio was at it again, spending the early hours of Election Night getting dunked on for using exactly the wrong gif you’d want to use when talking about a Republican surge.

Like many in the GOP, Rubio has stayed steadfast by Trump’s side through thick and thin. Also like many in the GOP, he does so despite the fact that Trump repeatedly treated him like crap, in his case while they were running for president during the 2016 campaign. Rubio kept his enthusiasm brief. “In 2016 Republicans ended with a 0.6% turnout advantage in #Florida,” the Senator wrote, “Just wait until you see what it is this time.” That prediction may not be far off in red-heavy Florida, and attached to it was, of course, an illustrating gif, namely of a giant tidal wave. Only problem? Waves are blue. Which is to say waves are Democrats.

Luckily for him, people on Twitter were happy to let him know about his mistake.

Others reminded everyone of some of Rubio’s other Twitter blunders, like that time he honored the late John Lewis with a photo of the also late Elijah Cummings.

Others pointed out that he’s more prone to gaffes than the president.

And some decided to use the occasion to simply tell him where to go.

One person reminded us that Rubio is up for re-election in two years.